Queen Garnet Plum high in Anthocyanins


The Queen Garnet plum is a new hybrid variety of plums that resulted From a breeding program carried out by Dr Bruce Topp and Dougal Russell of the Queensland Department of Primary Industries.

The Queen Garnet plum has a very dark flesh and is also a dark skinned fruit. The anthocyanins are the chemicals responsible for the dark colouring and Lab Testing has shown that the anthocyanin levels in the Queen Garnet Plums are significantly higher than commercial plum varieties currently in production having been consistently measured at 150-280mg/100g. Whereas most commercially grown plum varieties are in the 5-30mg/100g range.

The best competitor is Black Diamond plum, which had been labelled as “The High Antioxidant Plum” however the Queen Garnet plum has twice the anthocyanin content of Black Diamond, Plus three times greater quercetin glycoside content.

Organic green grocers are already getting supplies of the fruit and some say they mainly buy the Queen Garnet plum for a good eating plum.

For more information on Queen Garnet Plums and anthocyanin rich plum products see Nutrafruit

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