About Us

Plum Organic Foods

Plum Organic Foods is an Australian business focused on bringing certified organic food products to the Australian consumer. We believe that eating healthy organic foods should start from infancy. Baby foods, toddler and kids meals and children’s snacks and breakfast cereals should be nutritious organic foods.


Organics is a philosophy of creating environmentally responsible products, of the best quality food, produced with the use of only feed or fertilizer of natural plant or animal origin.

Organics is the science of protecting our health through high quality nutritious foods and protecting our planet by using only organic environmentally friendly fertilizers


Plum Organic Foods is a registered Australian business name. Plumb Foods  is a registered Australian business name and a registered Australian trade mark owned by Opera Foods Pty Ltd ABN 89605021538

Plum Organic Foods Pty Ltd and Plum Foods Australia Pty Ltd are wholly owned subsidiaries of Opera Foods Pty Ltd

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